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Your Consultation

Getting to the heart of the matter is fulfilling our commitment to diagnose your heart and circulatory problems. We keep life flowing with a network of cardiologists and clinics ready to deliver compassionate and comprehensive cardiovascular care to East Texas and surrounding counties.


Your Veins

A national and international training center, the Vein Center of East Texas has offered comprehensive vein care since 2005. Our outpatient procedures treat ailments such as leg pain, heaviness, and fatigue, non-healing leg wounds or ulcers, and unsightly varicose veins or spider veins.


Cardiac & Vascular Procedures

We keep your heart in the right place at our minimally invasive interventional suite specializing in the performance of outpatient cardiac and peripheral vascular procedures. Quality care is provided in a safe, professional, efficient, and patient-focused manner while striving to exceed the expectations of our patients.